Bruster's Las Vegas Fundraising

Bruster's Las Vegas Fundraising Program is an exciting and tasty way for schools, non-profits, clubs and other community-based organizations to raise money in support of their exceptional work. We offer many unique types of fundraisers allowing you to select the best option for your organization. We make fundraising easy so you can focus on what matters - making a difference in your community! No matter the mission, nothing brings people together like ice cream for a cause!

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Food Truck Fundraising
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Fundraising FAQ's


YES! Across the country in recent years educational, religious and charitable organizations collectively raised over $40 million a year.


Both for-profit organizations and not-for-profit organizations may be approved to conduct a Bruster's Fundraiser when the Fundraiser proceeds will be fully used to benefit a group/cause that is one of the following types (verification required for approval): EDUCATIONAL – proceeds are being used to support a school or educational institution or a school-related organization (e.g., club/student/parent group; athletics; band/choral; school equipment; student development; scholarships). RELIGIOUS – proceeds are being used to support faith-based activities or church-related organizations (e.g., youth group; missions; benevolent programs; building fund; congregational support). CHARITABLE – proceeds are being used to support a registered 501(c) charitable organization. COMMUNITY – proceeds are being used to support community-based activities devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual or commercial gain.


Bruster's FUNDRAISING works for groups of most any size. With very low minimum orders (25 items), your small group can easily hold a "1-day" sale direct to the public at sports events, community activities, and even outside local businesses (with their approval)…anywhere hungry folks might gather can work!